Friday, 27 January 2012

Ultrasel -Since 2010-

Ultrasel is supporter such as Ultras Malaya. Being a ultraSel is not as difficult as I thought. No registration fee, no membership forms to be filled and no annual fees to be paid each year to maintain membership. However, there are some rules in curva ultrasel to be followed by all who are in the curva ultrasel.

1) Wearing jersey or shirt with a colored element. Red is the official color of yellow Selangor, so when everything on the curva wear a uniform, will provide psychological impact on players who play on the field. They will be more motivated and playing hard to bring success to the team. Jerseys are not related to Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur or strictly prohibited in the curva.
2) Mafla Selangor. Important because a lot of choreo Mafla led by Capo using mafla. Mafla that has nothing to do with the Selangor was strictly forbidden in the curva.
3) Stand up and sing for 90 minutes. Significant stand for 90 minutes is to appreciate the struggles of the players who played on the pitch for 90 minutes. While singing chant-chant is to give encouragement to the players and also serves as a mental provocation to the opposing team.
4) No abusive own team when they crash, or declining performance on the field.
5) Not doing the things that could be considered "stupid" like burning firecrackers, throwing objects onto the field and so on.
6) Most important, is your soul. Embed in your Selangor is the greatest and best.Always with Selangor no matter win, draw or lose.

It is not difficult not to become a ultrasel? So hurry, If you support Selangor Darul Ehsan, and wanted to see continue to create success after success, this is one way. Just come along to the Stadium Shah Alam Selangor to the curva our lives at Gate 15For updates on ultrasel, be like Gate 15 on the facebook page or join the facebook group. like if u want to know about ULTRASEL :)

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